AusChin Gardens

To make ourselves unique in Gardening and Landscaping we deliver eye-catching finishing touch on our works and services. Ahohman nih aa tluk lo dingin kanmah tein dum thianghlim nak le ram aa dawh terh nak ding kan tuah ve cang. Kanmah nih kan i tuah piak mi hna cu aa dawh lai i zoh nuam le tlaichanh taktak ding asi lai.

We also re-paint our Business Vehicle to make ourselves unique on the street. kan motor le kan business zong lam ah nan hmuh tikah midang he aa lawh lo dingin kan rem than cang.

If you saw us working in your area , do not hesitate to say Hi. Nan pawng kamah rian kan tuan mi nan kan hmu ahcun nan dam maw tiin bia chonh ding hi i cawngor i um hrim hna hla mu.

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