Big Congratulations; Van Hlei Sung

Hla sa thiam Van Hlei Sung cu tu lio kan Chin/lai mi nih kan uar taktak mi a hla zong kan ngai duh tuk cio mi lai sak thiam minthang  pakhat a si. Lai mi nih kan uar tuk cio mi awtha Van Hlei sung  cu Mizoram ah Zonet Ṭhazual Award Lengzem Best New Artist winner a co. Congrats Van Hlei Sung.

Thawngpang dang rel chiap: USCIS nih rammi citizenship camipuai biahalnak thlennak kongah a awngmin. A thlen khawh cang. Cucaah December 1,2020 hlan ah rammi sinah N400 na sawk ahcun biahalnak 100 lawng an in hal ko lai, mah cucu 2008 lio i rak tuahmi ca tiin an auh.

December 1,2020 hnu ah rammi sinah na sawk ahcun a thar biahalnak 128 hal na sic ang lai. Mah biahalnak thar pawl cu USCIS website ah zoh/lak khawh asi. Atu tiang ahcun rammi sinah caah sawknak man a kai lo, a mah ning asi ko rih. Foodstamps le Medicaid ei ahcun a man pek hau loin nawlnak tuah khawh zong asi rih ko.

USCIS was successful in getting the citizenship test changed. If you filed your citizenship application before Dec 1, 2020 (N400), you will take the 100 question test which is called the 2008 version. If you file your application after Dec 1, 2020, you must take the new version which has 128 questions.

The 128 questions are now available on the USCIS website. So far the fees have not gone up. And you can still use Medicaid/food stamps to ask for a fee waiver. Crd: Becky Nelson.

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