Dr. Sa Sa Zong Nih Thantlang Luhpi An Khammi Sui Hlei Tial Ruak Kong Ah A Ngaihchiatnak A Langhter Ve Cang

Chin miphun nih kan zoh thla ngaimi Dr. Sa Sa nih Malaysia in Kawlram ah a ruak an rak tlunpi nain Thantlang khua chung luhpi an khammi Sui Hlei Tial kong ah an lung thatlonak le fahtuar chungkhar a ngaihchiatpinak a langhter ve cang. Cucu mirang ca in a tial i a tanglei bantukin aa tlak ning  in kan van leh chin.

“Ms. Sui Hlei Tial nih tangtakmi chungkhar hna le a dawtu dihlak nan ngaihchiatnak kan hrawmpi hna. Hi ngaihchia thil kan tonmi kong ah kan ngaihchiatpinak hi zeitin hram ka domh lai i ka phuan lai ti hmanh ka thei lo. Tutan ngaihchia thil voikhat kan tonmi cu Chinland caah cun a fak khun. Kan miphun thinlung chungah Covid 19 tihnak a um timi ka theih ko, nain kan dawtmi Sui Hlei Tial a tonmi cu ngaihchia khun a si i, cohlan khawh zong a si lo. Hi kong ah kherhhlainak tuah phu hmanh a si.”

“Asinain dawtmi Chinland mipi hna, ceunak nih muinak a kah bantuk in ngaihthiamnak cu nan thinlung chungah tiva bang in luang sehlaw, a tah a hrammi hna lungthin chungah Hnangamtertu Pathian sin in a rami daihnak cu tiva bang in luang ko seh. Amah (Sui Hlei Tial) cu a nuam deuhnak hmun vanram ah a um cang i cu ka hmun ah kan ton te lai. Hi ngaihchiatpinak ka langhtermi hi minung pakhatkhat nih chungkhar sin nan ka phakter piak ahcun kaa lawm tuk hnga” tiah a tial hi a si.

Mirang a thiammi hna caah fiang deuh in nan rel khawhnak lai a tang ah copy paste kan tuahpiak chih han.

My deepest condolences to the love ones and the families of late Ms Sui Hlei Tial. I cannot begin to describe the sadness we felt at this tragic lost. The lost of one is too many for Chinland. I understood Covid 19 fears that are in our people’s hearts but what happened to our love one, Sui Hlei Tial is tragic, totally unacceptable and it should be investigated.

But dear all compatriots of Chinland, May the Forgiveness flow like the ligth into the darkness, May Peace from our God The Comforter flow like rivers into all the hearts that are mourns. She is now in better place, we will meet her again up there in the Heaven. If anyone can please convey my condolences to the family and love ones of Sui Hlei Tial, it will be much appreciated.

Credit: Dr. Sasa

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