Hakha Gangaw Lam Tool Gate Thilphur Motor Cheknak Christmas Le Kum Thar An Phih Chung Lai

Hakha gangaw lam tool gate thilphur motor cheknak christmas le kum thar an phih chung lai, Hakha in Gangaw lam Tool Gate zawn in thilphur motor a lutchuak mi driver le a zultu zawtnak cheknak cu Christmas ni le a thaizing le Kum Thar ni le a thaizing an phih lai.

“Christmas ni le a thaizing, cun Kum Thar ni le a thaizing khi Gangaw lei in Hakha rak luhnak Tool Gate ah thilphur motor a lutchuak driver le a zultu zawtnak chek tawn mi kha kan phih chung lai,” tiah Hakha Pengkomh Ngandamnak Zung in Dr. A Zing nih The Hakha Times ah a chim.

“Kawl lei in a rak lut mi lawng si lo in thil a thiar mi thilphur mortor pawl vialte zong phih a si lai, cucaah zawtnak chek a um lai lo. Khi ni chung khi cu kan hngak lai lo,” tiah Dr. A Zing nih a chim.

“Thilphur motor a si lo mi a dang umkal mi: theihpinak ca (thohkhan ca) le ngandamnak lei thohkhan ca aa ken maw ken lo ti pawl cheknak tu cu kan khar lai lo, hngah peng a si ko lai,” tiah tuanvo ngei upa pakhat nih a chim. Crd; The Hakha Times

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