Iran Nih US A Zuam Cawh Cang Hih + Video

Iran nih US vanlawng phuar mi tilawng nganh pi he a lo in an tuah mi cu military training an tuah. Iran nih US vanlawng a phuar mi tilawng ngan pi he a lo in tilawng an ser ve. Iran nih US tilawng he ai lo in an ser mi tilawng cu Iran ralkap /military pawl hna nih training tiang an tuah khawh nak cang.

US tilawng he I lo bak in an ser ve mi Iran tilawng cu luly 27 niizan tinii ah khan the great prophet hna I I fonh in a hnu bik Training nak cu mipi hmuh khawh ding in online le media ah an van pho zar.

Iran nih US tilawng ban tuk bak in an ser hnu ah cu Iran ralkap /military pawl nih training  tiang an tuah nak cu a tanglei ah a video in kan in chiah piak hna.

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