Salai Bawi Lian Mang Nih Kan Farnu Ruak Fimnak Kongah Nawlngeitu Hna Cung I A Lung Thatlonak A Langhter Ve Cang

Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO) dirhtu le Executive Director Salai Bawai Lian Mang nih kan farnu Sui Hlei Tial ruak kong ah  Thantlang khuapi uknak lei  nawlngeitu hna an thil tuahmi ngaihthiam khawh le damter khawh a si ti lonak kong cu vawlei cung mipi rel kho ding in mirang ca in a tial cang. Cu kong he pehtlaih in a tanglei bantukin a tial hi a si. A tialmi cu;

Thantlang khuapi uknak lei nawlngeitu hna nih Malaysia ram in an rak tlunpimi nungak nute ruak tha tein vui ding an khammi cu zeihmanh nih thiam a coter kho ti  lo. Khua chungah a ruak luhpi an khammi le lam pawng ah an phumtermi hrimhrim hi saram bantuk, minung cungah zawnruahnak ngeih lo a si.

Kan pawngkam a um cuahmahmi Covid-19 pulrai boruak hmanh nih an thil tuahmi hi thiam a coter (a cohlan) kho lo. Hmailei ah hi bantuk thil cang a um thannak hnga lo tha tein irunven kan herh cang. Hi hmanungbik thil can nih Kawlram chung i kum caan saupi buaipi cangmi miphun le nunphung kong buainak cu a rannak in phising a herh cang timi a langhter.

Salai Bawi Lian Mang (Executive Director, Chin Human Rights Organization -CHRO)

Atlak ning in leh chawmmi a si caah palhnak a um sual ah a tanglei ah Salai Bawi Lian Mang nih a tial ning tein mirang ca rel chih khawh a si.

Nothing can justify the actions of the authorities in Thantlang to deny a grieving family a chance to properly bury the young woman whose dead body was transported all the way from Malaysia. Preventing the body from entering the town only to be buried by the roadside was simply inhumane and even cruel.

Nothing, even an exceptional circumstance such as Covid-19 pandemic, justifies their actions. There has to be some sort of accountability in order to prevent future recurrence of things of this nature. This latest incident shines lights on the long-standing and deep-seated structural and systemic problems of race and cultural relations that need to be urgently addressed in this country.

Salai Bawi Lian Mang (Executive Director, Chin Human Rights Organization -CHRO)

Source: CHRO

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