Sayamah Dawt Sui Le Dr. Sharon Par Cu Tleih Dingin Nawl An Chuah Nain

Nu pahnih tlaihding tiin hmanthlak he khuachung hmun ah ca an benh, Dr. Sharon Par (Assistant Director, Health and Sports, Chin State) le Dawt Sui@Milley Sui (Siangcachim) cu phungrelnak caang 505 (a) in tlaih ding tiah Ralkap nih thanh.

Hakha ah tlaih ding in nawl an chuah mi hi minung 7 an si cang. Pa minung 5 le nu minung 2 an si. Atu tiang an tlaih khawh mi an um rih lo,crd- the chinland post.

An mah pahnih kong he pei tlei in ca dang rel chap: Lai Nu Pahnih Tlaih Ding in an Hmanthlak an Tar, Dr. Sharon Par Sung le sianginn cachim sayama Dawt Sui tlaih ding in an hmanthlak he Hakha ah an tar hna. Pohma 505 (a) in tazacuai an si.

Dr. Sharon Par Sung cu Chin ramkulh ngandamnak zung ah Assistant Director a ttuanmi a si. Sayama Dawt Sui cu Hakha khuasa a si i, Thantlang peng, Hnaring ah sianginn cachimtu a si. Palik nih tlaih ding Warrant an chuah hlan ah an zaam manh caah an tlai kho hna lo, crd- the chin journal

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