Tutan President Joe Biden Thil Tuah Cu A Tha Kho Taktak

U.S Department of Education sinah President Joe Biden nih President nawl ngeihnak hmangin nihin ah College Students sianginn kaimi hna nih Tangka an cawimi Students loan cu cham rih lo dingin Sept. 30,2021 tiang ngeihthiam dingin min a thut cang cu caah Na fa maw Colleges akai lio mi Students loan acham ding na si ahcun cucu ngeihthiam a si.

The U.S. Department of Education will extend the pause on student loan payments and collections until Sept. 30, 2021. From President Joe Biden signed executive.

Cadang relchap: US President thar Joe Biden White House a phanh nikhat nak. US President thar Joe Biden cu January 20, 2021 ah biakamnak a tuah dih hnu White House ah President riant̀£uan aa thok cang. Nikhat nak ni ah President Executive Order pawl cu Oval Office chung in nawl a chuahnak a tuah.

President Joe Biden biakamnak puai ah hlan lio US President hlun Trump nih tel pi hlah hmanh seh law Vice President Mike Pence nih a tel pi bantuk in Vice President thar Kamala Harris ten upa zong nih Vice President Mike Pence te nupa cu Capitol hmai tiang an thlah ve hna tiah theih asi.

Hi President thar biakamnak puai ah President hlun pawl asi mi George W. Bush, Bill Clinton le Barack Obama zong nih an tel pi kho. crd- Chin Cadle Network Channel

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