Union Peace Accord Part-3 Minthut Hnatlaknak Ah Aa Telmi Pawl

Avoi 4nk 21st Century Panglong Peace Conference ah an halmi “Union Accord Part III” cu August 20th ah cohlang a si cang i, a donghnak ni ah cohlangnak minthut a si lai tiah President Office in biachimtu nih a phuan.

Union Accord Part III ahhin Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) tlamtlingter ding, election dih hnu ah cawlcangh ning ding le basic Federal principles pawl an si. Fiang deuh in langhter ahcun:

1nk ah NCA hnatlaknak ah points 15 a ummi tlamtlingter ding; 2nk ah 2020 election dih hnu ah step by step in points 8 tlamtlingter dingmi le,
3nk ah Federal union ah Basic principles guidelines points 4 hna hi an itel tiah Global new Light of Myanmar nih a langhter.

Avoi 3nk Conference an rak tuah hnu khan “51 federal-related basic principles/Federal he aa pehtlaih principles 51 hi thate in hnatlaknak an ngeih khawh cang tiah Xinhuanet nih a langhter.

Union Accord Part III cohlangnak ahhin Chinmi in Dr. Lian Hmung Sakhong min a thut ve lai. Dr. Lian Hmung Sakhong hi UPDJC ah Vice–Chairman a si i, “the Union Peace Conferene – 21st Century Panglong the 4th Secession is concluded. I have great opportunity to sign the Union Peace Accord (Part-3) on behalf of the NCA-S EAO. Thanks to be God. (21-Aug-2020” tiah a facebook ah a ttial.

Credit: Zasang Cinzah

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